Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Masters...

I've been given a short leash.....

Get ready!

Mastering is done. And I have had the privilege of hearing them. This is not your father's Big Wreck… although it is! 

It sooo much more deep and wide than anything that they've done before. There's catchy as hell melodies and choruses that will NEVER leave you. There are pieces of demos that you all know and love, stepping into the spotlight and having their moment to shine. There are warm lush classic tones and hard as steel grinds that give you the shakes. There are songs that distill the essence of the greats and take them to new places. There's even a Foos Springsteen song that opens a whole new door. And there's a cover! A cover sooo sublime and tasty that you would think a guest superstar was called in. There's emotional pleading, frustration explained, deep questions and realizations. There are breakneck turns, furious runs, slide guitars, steel guitars, acoustic guitars and electric guitars twinned, tripled and quadrupled! There are guitar sounds that you've never heard both in your face and floating in the atmosphere. There are pianos, keyboards, bongos, tabla, and sticks and drones, and drums and drums and drums! And "Ohhh that baseline!"… over and over again you'll find yourself saying! There's amazing lyrics to ponder and pine over. There's the familiar path and the totally unexpected turn. New directions and vibes touched on in Albatross are mined extensively from the mother load of creativity that is Big Wreck. There's power upon power upon power and afterglow to still the beating heart. There are echos of progressive greats, and rock royalty. There are never-ending solos that lounge luxuriously forever and tightly spun triplets sprinkled throughout. There's confident muscle and delicate beauty everywhere. There are gorgeously structured pop chops on display alongside waveform level deconstructed power chords. All rendered in an ultimate beauty of an album who's production values are magnificent! Vocal harmonies loosed upon power pop sections that'll make you feel like you are in another era. Layer upon crystal clear layer wrap your mind and take you on an aural journey that's more like a body high. There are multiple levels from which to encounter every revolution taken. There isn't a band around that can deliver an experience with the genre jumping breadth of this CD without sacrificing the heart and soul of the band. NO-ONE will be able to touch this stuff live. This is the Big Wreck full potential FINALLY being realized.

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